This is the new #homebase of the blog #Morenoandco.wordpress.com. Actually is this webpage in development, which requires a bit of daily work. You see, that the content is now in English. The reason is, the community has growing up since the presence at #instagram and thanks to the #journeys its now possible to inform in the blog also about IT Events in Spain, especially Mallorca.

Consider that Morenoandco have been created thanks to the #WebweekNuernberg2017 and have been growing with the time. Actually Morenoandco will have the first birthday and thats amazing for a Blog. So, what can we do better, than get our own domain with morenoandco.net

Thanks for your support

Author: morenoandco

Urban digital traveler, at home between Madrid and Hamburg. Informatics student, Barcamper and Sprinter. Now in work my new fb homepage: Moreno&Co, all about me and via Twitter: MorenoCo1