PyConWeb 2018 in Munich

Hey, just been for the second time at the Python Meetup in Nuremberg and it’s has become the ones my favourites Meetup in the region of Erlangen-Nuremberg. That Python in ones of my favourite programming language is obvious. The first workshop, which I visited there was about Data Science applying in Jupyter and it was a really good experience. The teacher of our workshop was Markus Harrer (linkedin./in/markus-harrer). He taught us how to use Jupyter, in different use cases. In fact, it was a great workshop and thanks to Mr Harrer, the Meetup was really successfully for the participants. The workshop finished we went to the beach close to the city library where we had our social part. It’s interesting to get to know why the group loves to code with Python. For sure the #pyconweb was a big topic.

At least, in the second Python Meetup, last Saturday with even more participants and with emotions which have been very positive related to the Pyconweb. We used again Jupyter with Python in Machine Learning. Markus Glas shows us good methodic ( He recommended us a good book, which I want to read when I finish my actual book about Data Science.

The Python Community in Nuremberg is dynamic, open minded and really international.

Well at the moment the Python Group Nuremberg is looking for a room in Erlangen, to take the Meetup also here taking place. If a group or an Institute can support us with a room, could be amazing. Please contact me and I will inform the Group.

Advanced thanks for your help.




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