Part of the work of Morenoandco

The principal Idea was to create a Blog with content of the Digital and IT Community of Erlangen-Nuernberg, thanks to #twitter, Morenoandco was able to be part of the #PySS, the Python Conference in San Sebastián the Basque Country in Spain. This changed a lot, because the first Contacts of the International Python Community have been born. Than followed the #FrontConf17 in Munich and last week the #PyDataMallorca Meetup. So far, when its not possible to apporting something to Blog, it´s because I am at a Hackathon, a Conference, learning and working. When this happens, you can see most post on my channels at Instagram.

Thanks to Instagram and Twitter, it was possible for me to motivate some friends to create at least theier own accounts and are now happy with this decision, to be part of the #Digitalfuture. Instagram is for me a great experience, its creative and beautiful. Its colourful and a great publicity platform. If you want some Support for your company, more audiance, also for this is Morenoandco.

The resume:

  • Blogging about IT Events
  • Organisation of IT Events
  • Webdesign with WordPress